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How To Maintain Clean Carpet

How to Maintain a Clean Carpet

Routinely Vacuum The Carpet

Vacuuming is the very best way to remove from your carpet dirt, allergens and dander. This seems to be a simple thing to understand but the truth of the matter is that many people do not vacuum as often as they should. The truth is that on a daily basis, high frequency areas should be vacuumed. Not doing so will make it far more difficult to remove these items later when they become embedded in the carpet. For areas not getting a lot of traffic, once a week vacuuming will remove the allergens and dust.

Immediately Clean Any Spills

A carpet can be quickly stained by a spill on it. To prevent this from happening, you want to remove the spill as quickly as possible. Make the effort to see what is the best way to get the spill cleaned up properly. For example, when it comes to greasy spills, dish soap and hot water will best get the job done. Should the spill be blood stains, hydrogen peroxide is the proper choice to be made. This extra effort to use the proper materials to get the job done right is well worth the time involved.

Professionally Clean Your Carpets When Possible

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months is simply such a valuable choice to be made. The deep cleaning performed will get that embedded dust and dirt completely out. Your carpet will also be left clean and fresh by the steam and hot water used which also kills all bacteria and germs.

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